Sunday, September 07, 2008


A day of ups and downs. Karen seemed so weirdly out of it, that I took the nurse aside to tell her about it. I didn't feel that great myself, even though I'd gotten twice as much sleep as the night before, almost a full five hours. As the day went on, though, she perked up and I took a short nap. We also had a visitor who brought sunflowers and dahlias from her garden.
Tomorrow is going to be a big day, she's got a cardiologist, the Providence wound team, visits from her doctor, and her infectious disease doctor, and whoever else they can fit it in between taking vitals and blood, and giving pills and meals. Then, if all goes well, she might go home on Tuesday, although that is sort of speculative, depending as it does, on her temperature coming down and staying down, her pain being managed, and her incisions starting to close. That may be a lot of pressure to put on one day.

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