Thursday, September 25, 2008

Today We Learned That Kidneys Have Six Different Functions

When I got to the hospital after work today, Karen was being seen by a nephrologist. After we talked, he said, he didn't think she'd be going home tomorrow, either. As he put, "She's ill."
Sarah and Sean were scheduled to leave Tuesday night, but they extended their stay. It's been a godsend to have them here. Do you think it's Pagan to say "godsend", instead of "Godsend"?
I've been riding my bike home from the hospital in the dark. The light I have is just barely bright enough to light up the trail directly in front of me. In order to see things that aren't directly in front of me, I put an old light on the handlebars, and the light I had there, on my helmet. I didn't have a mounting kit, so I used a purple bungie cord I had been using to hold my cuff out of the bottle cage on my bike. I'll use it tonight for the first time. I'm thinking that not only will I be able to see, but people will be able to see me. I imagine they'll think I look pretty clever, pretty cool, not the least bit geeky.

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  1. geeky? there's nothing geeky about not getting hit by a car!

    have you ever heard of the mods in Britain during the 60's and 70's who, in response to a law requiring all scooters to have rear view mirrors, mounted a ridiculous number to their scooters? You could very well start a headlamp/bike lamp trend in Los Anchorage!