Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Borg Were Right, "Resistance Is Futile."

I've always said I would never join Facebook. Partly because I found their privacy settings creepy and deliberately opaque, and mostly because I wanted to be one of those people who say, "TV, oh no, we don't even have a TV," but I watch a lot of TV, so the choice was to be a smug liar, or get rid of TV and be smug for reals, which would never happen because, Grimm, Flash, Supergirl (I assume, I don't know about the upcoming show, but I had a pretty big crush on her when I was 11) and CSPAN probably. So, the next best thing in this era of social network hegemony was to be Facebook free.

Ostensibly, I decided to join because they have a group for posting things stolen in Alaska, and I wanted to be able to post about my bikes as they are stolen. By the way, Rich, that joke from last year about my new steel bike, "Steel now, stolen later," is a lot less funny since it became, "Was steel, now stolen." Anyway like, I assume, most people, I really joined Facebook because I wanted to creepily lurk and see what the people I used to know are up to now. But somehow, in one day, I have 28 friends on Facebook, which is more than I've ever had total in real life. So, now, I'm all, "Sucks to be you, real life." From now on, if you want to talk to me, and the evidence strongly suggests that you don't, I'll be on my Newsfeed, or Timeline, if I can figure out what they are, and what the difference between them is.