Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Populist Post

I went back to work yesterday, and not a minute too soon. We were playing around with Karen's O2 and pulse sensor yesterday and my resting pulse is almost 20 beats a minute faster than it was when I was playing with her sensor a month ago. A customer today was telling me that when her daughter was in the ER last year, they billed her $56 for "pulmonary function testing". We probably added several hundred dollars to Karen's bill with our so-called fun last night.
As it stands now, the doctors are treating complications from her earlier treatments. The beauty of the system is that they can keep making things up, and making things worse, and then continue to send us bills. It's just crazy; like loaning people money they'll never be able to pay back, and then expecting the taxpayers to buy all the worthless loans from the millionaire bankers. Karen is still running a fever, and her kidneys haven't exactly quit, they're more just working to rule. Yesterday a doctor said that she had no idea what was wrong with Karen, and she'd like to do a full body scan, but that really would be just a shot in the dark. Today they came up with some kind of rationale, and took Karen down for an MRI that she really didn't want. As it happened, this was along the lines of the deal where they pretend they're going to execute prisoners, and then at the last minute give them a reprieve. We have no idea why they took her down there, or why they didn't give her an MRI. We don't even know for sure who's handling her case. This last is of more than academic concern. Not only does the Postal Service not pay sick leave for FMLA cases, but they've sent me another ream of papers to further justify my time off. I need doctors to fill out forms labeled cardiac and even, this is true, orthopedic. I don't know what that's about, but it certainly gave me one more bone to pick with the Postal Service.

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