Friday, September 05, 2008

Bigger Keyboard, Same Story; NOT FOR THE SQUEAMISH

After the last post, Karen's doctors determined that the tube from her implanted infusion pump was leaking, and in fact, had snapped. This meant that her CSF wasn't just oozing out, but was being drained out by the part of the tube that still extended into her spine. The grapefruit-sized lump she had in her spine since they implanted the stimulator was in fact, spinal fluid, which is what we had seen oozing out of her incision. They opened her back up, and repaired the line, and said that she'd be going home the next day, yesterday, but she didn't.
Among the worst possible outcomes from this latest operation was the possibility of infection that would mean removing both of the devices that are implanted in Karen's spine to control her pain. That surgery will be sometime today, but first they have to run a PICC into her vena cava.

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