Thursday, September 11, 2008

No, Not That Anniversary

So even though Karen's head hurts worse than it has, and she was throwing up this morning, there is one bright spot. Now that she's had all of her pain-controlling-appliances removed, she can have an MRI. Some time today, they're going to look inside her head and see what they can see. Several people have noticed that one of her eyes is wandering away on its own, so maybe whatever is causing that, is also causing her headache, but on the other hand, they think the headache might be muscular, or really, who knows, it's been a month today since the surgery that landed her in this nightmare, and we don't know when she'll feel better, or even when she'll be out of the hospital.
All we know for sure is, that as I type this post I seem to be getting more and more irritable. 

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