Thursday, September 18, 2008

Buck Rogers Goes to the Doctor

We're waiting for the nuclear medicine (which sounds very cool in a 1950's vision of the 21st century sort of way, but is really very mundane, although, come to think of it, at one point there was a geiger counter) staff to tell us if Karen's spinal fluid is leaking. If it is, that's one thing, but if it isn't, we've got a new, out of the blue, condition; apparently she may be readmitted due to renal problems.

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  1. Dave--
    I just discovered a piece of paper with your blogsite on it as I was sorting through months worth of piled up papers and I thought I would see how you are since I never see you anymore. Now I see why, and I am so sorry about all the miserable mess you and Karen have been going through. I have been there myself and I know that living at the hospital tests us as nothing else can. Keep that irreverant attitude--I hope Karen turns the corner soon...

    Joanna Knapp