Monday, September 08, 2008

Alarums and Excursions

I think it's Monday morning now. A very long, difficult night. Karen was complaining of a headache that wasn't being controlled by really large doses of pain meds. Her arms and legs where the RSD is, and her back, where her incisions are, weren't bothering her, just her head. That was alarming enough that her doctor ordered a CT scan about 4am, and drove in from Wasilla to read it. The scan was completely normal looking, so along with everyone else coming in to look at Karen today, they've added a neurologist. The infectious disease doctor poked his head in around 7 this morning. The infection appears to be subsiding, good news in an otherwise pretty gloomy report.
Karen had a new nurse's aide last night. She said she was from Grenada. "Oh," I said, "we invaded Grenada."

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