Monday, September 15, 2008

Ross: That's Painfully Funny. No, Wait, Just Painful.

Karen came home from the hospital today. The pain doctor that was subbing for her pain doctor told us she'd be discharged and was turning to go. "Um, her blood pressure is still wildly out of control," I said. "Oh, yeah, I'll have the hospitalist stop in.

Here's a little background, back a couple weeks ago when she had an intrathecal pump, it had Clonodine in it. That's a high blood pressure drug that has some efficacy in pain control. Her pain doctors replaced the Clonodine in the pump with a Clonodine pill.  According to the hospitalist, Clonodine works to control blood pressure, but when it's given just once a day, it has a rebound effect that's worse than the original problem. Ha, ha, part of the reason Karen spent 13 days in the hospital was that her doctors were making her blood pressure worse. Oh, and not scheduling the cardiologist that they said they would at the beginning of her stay. 

In about 45 minutes, I'm going to take a stab at running some antibiotics directly into Karen's vena cava.

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