Thursday, May 10, 2007

I Don't Want to Brag

I don't want to brag because that would be so inadequate. Triumphant yells, maybe. Last fall I tried to ride to Stuckagain Heights. I wrote, or really, tried way too hard to write, a post about the attempt. Tonight I tried again. I had some advantages this time. Instead of jeans I was wearing a pair of dorky bike pants. I was wearing a form fitting top that I got for Christmas last year. Actually, I don't know if the form fitting top was a help for the ride, but it did show off my bouncing flab to a nice advantage. Maybe most importantly I had my slick tires instead of the snow tires. Anyway, by now you've realized that I made it all the way to Stuckagain. Oh yeah!
I felt like a Titan with Anchorage spread out at my feet, a little city perched just above the ocean surrounded by wilderness. Of course, on the ride back down, I was a little girl squeezing the brakes and whimpering, "Slow down. Slow down."

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  1. How much of the soles of your shoes did you wear off? Is your mother going to take you back to the shoe store and demand that they replace your shoes :).