Sunday, May 13, 2007

A New Take on Diner Food

We ate at City Diner today which promises a new take on diner food. Apparently the new idea is to charge $10.95 for a hamburger.
No report yet on whether Karen liked her present. The moment hasn't been quite right to give it to her. One bad sign: without knowing what it is she told me to take it back. Of course, she doesn't know it's really really blue.


  1. She was in rare form this mother's day. She's telling you to take yours back she's calling me squirelly because I bought her garden lights that change colors and she can't see some of them (did she acknowledge that a. she loves her garden, b. she has done everything in her power to make the house tackier and tackier with every remodeling job, c. that when they do turn blue it's the brilliant shade of blue that she loves more than anything). Also, she told me a quarter of my present didn't count because she saw it already. She also implied the pet toy I bought for her beloved dog might not count either. Who's the one who's ungrategul? I am done with mother's day presents. We should have all been done after the hand mixer incident.

  2. Yes, you'd think blue would do it wouldn't you?