Sunday, May 27, 2007

But I Peaked in the Sixth Grade

My sister is helping to plan a 40th year reunion for her East Anchorage High School class. So far, after months of work, only two people have signed up. Here's a little background; by her own admission, her years at East were the best of her life. In contrast, I graduated a year early because I hated high school, and was apparently anxious to get started on my career; the morning after the graduation ceremony I started a new job washing dishes.

Last night we talked. She wanted me to call people in Anchorage to let them know about the reunion. "You've got a phone," I said. "They're not my returning my e-mails," she replied.
"So you want me call and say 'I'm the little brother of the girl nobody likes?"

When I told Leah that I had been a little harsh with my sister and might have hurt her feelings, she was fascinated. "Do you mean that you think that sometimes you don't hurt people's feelings?"

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  1. OMG I laughed out loud at this (at work). Three separate parts of it required a deep intake of breath to cover the laughter. Then I had to excuse myself and go to the back for a moment to collect myself.