Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Freudian Geometry or Where Do Cold Hearted Orbs That Rule the Night Come From?

I inadvertently finished early today. When I got back to the post office there was some mail, but of course, I couldn't touch it. Slavish devotion to the flow chart makes us less efficient, which provokes more recourse to the flow chart. It's a vicious circle, which invites the question why are circles so vicious? There are golden triangles, magic squares, and even golden rectangles,
but only circles are vicious. In the old Freudian witchcraft days (and how Jung we all were back then), we would have talked about how closed off they are and how (unlike say, triangles) pointless their lives are. Now, it's all biochemistry and serotonin leaving me with no end to this post. Time to stop spinning my wheels and get back to work

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