Friday, May 04, 2007

A Personal Record That's 56% of What I Need

I rode a Personal Record today of 35.46 miles. I'd feel great about that except I thought I was going to ride 40 miles and in less time. By next month I have to be able to ride 62 miles with the Hardly Davidsons.
Last fall the ADF&G gave salmon eggs to school children in Anchorage. Over the winter, they hatched the eggs and today they released the fry into Taku Lake. I was born here, but I didn't even know this beautiful little park existed until last summer when I began riding the trails in earnest. Apparently each child in Anchorage had their own fish to release and they were all standing on the trail I was riding on. Of course, any large crowd of children attracts an ass with a pit bull, and true to form, there was a man walking two. It seems that pit bulls are always friendly, until they're not, and then it's always a surprise when they pop someone's head like a grape. How is it, that it's always a surprise?
So, anyway, the salmon were dreaming of freedom, and now they're free. Today's Friday, the day my Weight Watchers points reset so, it's my own private jubilee, as well. All my points have been restored to me and I'm free to eat things I can only dream about on Thursdays.

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  1. I was rewarded with Cheesecake and fried macaroni and cheese last night after I walked 20 miles. Not even something that can be worked into a weight watcher's plan I don't think, but since I was sick the night before the walk, and only ate light food all day, I figured I deserved it -- did I mention I walked 20 miles?!