Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Is This Even A Post?

I really feel like I have a post in me somewhere, but I'm not sure I can find it. Maybe I'll just type for awhile and see if anything comes along: the 1000 monkey theory of creativity.
I was able to finish my book yesterday. I should probably stop talking about my book because I'm planning on giving it to Sarah for Christmas. I was able to finish it, though, because we spent several more hours in a room so Leah could be seen by a doctor. She still has vertigo, but it seems slightly better, at least when she's not standing up. I have a new appreciation for the perils to the middle class posed by uninsured daughters living at home.

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  1. So what's up with leah (you can send me a real email), are you going to at least call me when she dies or am I going to call in 6mos and get the response: "she's still dead." Our family sucks at communication, quiet family indeed.