Thursday, October 05, 2006

Demon Lover by Canondale

After work tonight I went for a bike ride. I had the studded tires put on this week, and I wanted to see if I rode towards the mountanis, could I reach the snow, or failing that Stuckagain Heights. It turned out I couldn't quite do either. The climb was hard but at the same time as I had the tires changed I had my seven speed cassette changed to an eight speed. Oh my, the seven fold path, the eight speed climb, just another path to Nirvana, if Nirvana was a gated community on the Hillside. And unattainable.
But on the ride down, the bike and I were one creature racing down the hill. Fully alive, like a horse and rider that know together and at once, or like every person who's ever run for the joy of running. Or maybe I was having a small stroke.

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