Thursday, December 13, 2007

We Have a Message For Our Customers

I delivered a card to all my customers from the postal service today. The card listed three ways to buy stamps, and not one of them involved going to a post office. We have a message for our customers, "We're busy, don't bother us."

So, when you listen to Ron Paul, his message of small government doing only what we can't do alone sounds pretty compelling. Here's my problem, though, some of his supporters are the kind of people that I would cross a street to avoid. They're the kind of people that our parents (The Greatest Generation) crossed an ocean to destroy. Specifically, they deny that the Nazi Holocaust happened, but even if it did, the Jews had it coming. In fact, the Holocaust that they want to talk about is the slaughter of Persians that Jews celebrate as Purim (pdf).

Does anyone know if Paul disassociates himself from these loathsome people?

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