Friday, December 28, 2007

Caremark Monster Update

It appears that after all the confusion over whether or not the Caremark monsters* would fill Karen's prescription, it turns out they might. They finally called back this morning at exactly 4 am to say that they were going to fill it today and their website indicates that it might be happening as I type this. Of course, in the past, Caremark monsters have filled prescriptions then had to be begged to ship them.
In any event, today is our last day with Caremark monsters. As of tomorrow our plan will be using Medco.
So, a scorecard; Caremark monsters called at 4 am, Karen's doctor and Medtronics haven't called at all.

*Here, and elsewhere in this post, an attempt to influence google searches. I should also note (for google) that the Caremark monsters own the CVS chain of drugstores. CVS monsters(?), I don't know since we don't have CVS monsters(?) in Alaska (which is 4 hours earlier than EST where I assume the Caremark monsters skulk)

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