Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Boxing Day Afternoon

A few weeks ago I spent my lunch break talking to Caremark and then handed the phone to Karen and she spent over an hour on the phone with them. They told us that they couldn't ship her prescription because they had been waiting for her doctor to call them back, but then the nurse had called them back so that was okay, but no wait, it was too soon to ship the order, but Karen had a broken arm where RSD was setting in so she was using more medicine, so okay they could ship part of the order, but if they did that they wouldn't ship the rest of it. If she rationed her remaining medicine and jumped through some flaming hoops they would ship the entire order on the 28th.
So she's been gritting her teeth and lashing out at us, but she's taking less medicine than she needs and we're going to make it. Except...
On Christmas Eve the lying monsters at Caremark (I want to keep using the word Caremark so that google searches might turn up Caremark especially if the search also uses the terms lying and monsters) called and left a message that they wouldn't be able to send the order because they needed to talk to the doctor. I called them this afternoon, and they said, "There's nothing we can do." I told them that should be their motto and hung up on them. I called Blue Cross and they said there was nothing they could do. I made a couple of other calls and then girded my loins (oh, that reminds me; this morning I watched a Project Runway episode where they redesigned letter carrier uniforms) and told Karen about the Caremark/Blue Cross/Sith decision. She said she had a secret number and the names of two CSRs that had approved the order weeks ago.
I called and both Jersey and Mae were unavailable, but Daisy (and here's another thing, "Daisy", "Mae", "Jersey" seem pretty made up. I bet it's like phone sex operators are embarrassed to use their real names because they're ashamed of what they do) said the order was approved and would be overnighted on the 28th with no extra charge. She practically promised us a fruit basket. I explained that that was all well and good, but who was right Daisy Mae and the other Dogpatch operators, or Ina that told us to essentially stop bothering them? She said she'd talk to Mae and Jersey and call us back.
That makes a firm commitment from Karen's doctor's office, the Medtronic rep, and now Caremark to call us back.

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