Thursday, December 06, 2007

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I started reading Neal Gaiman's Fragile Things this evening, and it reminded me of something else that irritates me. I had been reading for several pages and still hadn't stumbled on a story. Instead, Mr. Gaiman was explaining the origin of each story, who had commissioned it, where he was when he wrote it, etc. Maybe I'll care, maybe I won't, kind of depends on the story doesn't it? I feel the same way watching a movie; roll the credits when it's over. Why should I sit there for ten minutes finding out who the production companies were (especially since they pretty much exist to only to hide money and beat whatever creativity that was brought to bear into some formula that they think will appeal to the exact demographic they're looking to sell a video game to) before I've even seen the movie. I'll probably hate the movie anyway.
I bet some people hate long parenthetical asides, too.
I suppose instead of reading, I should have been working on the Christmas letter, but I've pretty much lost interest in that. If you're a blog reader, you already know far more about our year than you wanted to, and if you're not a blog reader, you probably weren't interested in our year to begin with.
Apparently I wasn't importunate enough asking about things to in Alaska in January. We have a guest coming and I don't do anything, so I was asking for advice. I know at least a few people read this. Some of you live here in Anchorage (I just put Anchorage in, in case people searching blogger for "Anchorage" stumble on this and have some ideas) and some of you have visited here. What did you enjoy? What about these things:
Do you think it's worth driving to Homer to see the Eagle Lady and her hundreds of eagles? It's sort of the last chance because they're banning the practice of feeding the eagles. She's been grandfathered in, as it were, but only for a few more years or until she dies.
Or going to Fairbanks to see a really short day?


  1. Ron suggests "looking for moose", (maybe near Big Lake?? or Wasilla), the bear at the hotel across from the Driftwood (I can't think of the name of the hotel anymore...and that's probably not what the restuarant is named, either, anymore)the "White Spot", the place in Wasilla where they raise sled dogs....happy holidays.

  2. I think Fairbanks is worthwhile, if there's time. Alaskaland was really great, and the Air Museum there was definitely a highlight of our trip. Plus, the LARS at the UAF was cool (don't know if they do tours in the winter, though) and there's always the ice museum. The Eagle Lady sounds neat, though we didn't see her, and there's always Seward--spring for one of the behind-the-scenes tours of the SeaLife Center. Your mysterious guest, though, is really an easy-going guy who doesn't necessarily need to be entertained every minute of the day!

  3. how about a hockey game? And a magnum pi marathon. Oh, and maybe a hike back to thunderbird falls and over to the russian orthodox graveyard. Really though, he's only there six days no worries.