Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Brr, Baby, Brr

Evaporative cooling is the concept behind perspiring. It worked best, I imagine, in Eden. Not as well, in Alaska, Eden's polar opposite.
Yesterday it was below zero when I went for a bike ride, so I put on layer after layer of clothes. I warmed up, then overheated, then cooled, then froze. I spent the day trying to get things and people to do what they were supposed to. First I rode to a locksmith to get our lock fixed, and then Karen and I drove over to her doctor's office. Since she broke her arm, they've been promising to put in a temporary infusion pump to cover her shoulder so she can do physical therapy and avoid (oops, too late) RSD setting in at the injury site. We call or go in every week and they tell us they'll call with a schedule. We spent over an hour yesterday, but this time we did get a firm commitment that they'd call us.

Last night, after I went to sleep, our dogs were outside and saw a cow moose and her calf in the yard next door. Notwithstanding the fact that the moose's liver weighs more than they do, they began to bark at it and wouldn't come in when Karen called, nor when the moose began kicking the fence separating them. Finally, exhaustion set in, I guess, and they came in. Karen says the moose then jumped the fence and followed them up the stairs. I slept on. When I went to work this morning, the cow and her calf surprised me when I put up the garage door, so after looking at each other for awhile with the strobe on my bike flashing at her, which really highlighted in a psychedelic way how far back she had put her ears, I decided, really, I don't have to go out the alley, do I?

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