Monday, August 25, 2008

Notes From Notes From the Underground

"The main issue for the Underground Man, is that he has reached a point of ennui and inactivity~Wikipedia
I confess, I've never read Dostoevsky's Underground Man*, but, man, I didn't really feel like a surface dweller for the last couple of weeks in the corridors and rooms of the hospital and then at home with Karen. On Saturday, I crawled back up into the light, squinting, and went back to work. My legs were almost as tired after walking my route as I was after riding my century. Apparently sitting around isn't the most effective training method.
Tonight after work, Rich and I went for an hour's ride. Nice, very nice, to be back. Tomorrow, it looks like Karen and I will be going to the fair. In anticipation, I've abandoned my diet after just four days.

*I don't know if you can tell it's downloading from the Gutenberg project in the background

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