Friday, August 15, 2008

I Just Enjoy Saying Gumminess Quotient

So, Karen is still home, and so am I. I'm kind of a bad caregiver, in that when Karen is asleep (or awake) I do puzzles on the internet, and read the news. The keyboard is pressing into my wrists, and my hands keep falling asleep. Then they wake up, look around, "Where am I?"
Comparing her post-op symptoms and internet sites, leads to phrases like, "Everything is still fine, maybe we should double up on your antibiotics."
I'm about to give you a cooking tip for mashed potatoes. I got it from a book that Sarah sent me to read while Karen recuperates. What's weird is, I think that's now one of our family traditions. How many times have I done this, I wonder. It reminds of those years when we still had a family. Every summer we would rent a houseboat from the same guy to spread ashes in Big Lake. The minimum rental is overnight, but it never took more than a couple of hours. The last time we did it, the rental guy said, "You know, you can keep it till tomorrow." Sarah said, "Dad, how many people would have to die so we'd need the boat that long?"
Anyway, the idea is that you cook the potatoes up to about 160°, then cool them before reheating them to about 180°. This reduces the gumminess quotient.

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