Friday, August 29, 2008

Alaska Love Letter

I suppose it's incumbent on me as a card-carrying Alaskan to say something about Sarah Palin. For starters, her last name is pronounced Pā´-lĭn, rhymes with Wailin'. She's wildly popular here with two exceptions. One is a sore loser she trounced for governor, and the other one is a local talk show host, Dan Fagan, who broadcasts live every day from deep inside Exxon's pocket.
She endeared herself to Alaskans by standing up to the corrupt leaders of the Alaskan Republican party. By now, of course, we all know just how corrupt they were, since some of them are in jail, and some are on their way there, but in 2005 and 2006, she took a very brave and principled stand.
She has no foreign policy experience, just like Barak Obama, or for that matter, Bill Clinton when he was elected. Of course, the vice-president with the most foreign policy experience recently was Dick Cheney. She has dealt very firmly with Exxon, a company that is like a country; a vicious, oligarchic, invading, country.
Unlike the three senators running for president and VP, Sarah has actually had some executive experience, being a mayor and governor.
The only reason we'd be sorry to see her go, is we'd be sorry to see her go.

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