Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Three Little Things

Et tu, Mr. Li?
According to this month's Wired magazine, English has become the lingua franca of this age, a modern day Latin, if you will. And like Latin before it, it is evolving into distinct dialects that may in time become languages in their own right. So, it's not enough that I don't know Chinese, now I don't know Chinglish* either.

They Make Me Blue
I got a letter from Blue Cross today. Normally they would be writing to tell me they weren't going to pay for something, but today they were writing to suggest that if I needed medical advice I should call them. Examples were interpretations of test results, or what to do if you were badly cut. I suggest that the last group I'm going to call for medical advice is the group that doesn't want pay for any treatments. I can just imagine their interpretation of test results, "Looks good, don't worry."

And Finally...
For Firefox users, I've been using Hyperwords. Every word is clickable. I think you should try it. I really do.

*Chinglish (slang) is a portmanteau of the words Chinese and English and refers to either (a) English interspersed with Chinese language errors

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