Friday, June 27, 2008

So, This Is Their Idea of Courtesy

I got such a good offer from AARP recently to transfer a credit card balance to their Chase affiliate, that I did. Here's an aside, I never expected to live long enough to join AARP, and here's another, once I didn't have a house or car payment, I didn't expect to have a credit card balance.
Anyhoo, I signed up for paperless billing, and I never got a bill, paperless or otherwise. Checking their website, the statement dates were "Unavailable". I made two payments, and when I went to make the third, I noticed that I owed more than I had the month before on this interest free balance. It turns out that I was late and they had charged me $35.00.
I double checked my e-mail including the trash folder, and they really never had sent me a statement. I called them this morning and their customer rep told me they could make an adjustment as a courtesy, but that they would never ever do it again.
I bought airline tickets today, too. Also irritating.
But then we went for a 40 mile bike ride scoping out the route for our century, and that was pretty cool. I had a new water bottle and a hydrating pack from father's day, so I was very well hydrated which is sort of unusual for me. Then, at Costco I had a sample of zipfizz, and now I have 22,000% of the daily recommended allowance of vitamin B-12 coursing through my urine.

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