Thursday, June 26, 2008

Exxon Oil Spill Punitive Damages Award Cut in Half, and Then By Another 80%, Outrageous Factoid and Then One Judge's Dissent

The biggest single recipient of funds from the punitive award will be Exxon itself. Exxon stands to put about $110 million from the award in its own pocket thanks to a side deal cut in 1991 with seven Seattle fish processors. Those processors settled with Exxon for $70 million at the time but got to remain in the punitive lawsuit and pass any award they received back to the company. The deal was called "an astonishing ruse" by the federal judge in the case, but it was upheld on appeal.

"In light of Exxon's decision to permit a lapsed alcoholic to command a supertanker carrying tens of millions of gallons of crude oil through the treacherous waters of Prince William Sound, thereby endangering all of the individuals who depended upon the sound for their livelihoods, the jury could reasonably have given expression to its 'moral condemnation' of Exxon's conduct in the form of this award." Justice John Paul Stevens ~From the Anchorage Daily News 6/26/08

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  1. I am soo incredibly outraged about the reduction in punitive damages. I mean come on, Exxon cleaned it up? What about the thousands of volunteers? What about the state resources? What about all the donated items (you know like dawn dish soap)? Why the hell shouldn't exxon be paying for that? We can get on our high horses about emmissions and global warming from plastic shopping bags but when it comes to the largest oil spill we've known so far we're all like oh yeah, that can only be one to one and since they didn't end up having to pay much in restitution you can't make them pay much as punishment. . .pay no attention to the strings I'm not a puppet!!!!!!

    Who would have thought I would feel this strongly about something politically/environmentally charged?