Saturday, June 21, 2008

Ooh,ooh love hurts, Ooh.ooh love hurts, Ooh,ooh love hurts...

Without a lot of background, some things you can close your eyes to, and some things you can't. If you think you have a bogeyman under your bed, you can close your eyes. If your bed's on fire you can't.
A young woman was telling me today that roses were not a good symbol of love. They're demanding, they fade, and the thorns are painful. Potatoes, she thought were more appropriate. I think she's just wrong. Start with the way roses are open and beautiful, and potatoes are skulking furtively underground.
She said you can leave potatoes in the dark, and come back months later, and they'll still be good for you. In the first place leaving something in the dark for months isn't love, that's kidnapping. But if the potato is loyal, that's not love, either. The potato represents Golden Retrievers.

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