Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Ride to the River, Fall to the Trail, Fly into a Fury

Today I rode with some hard core Hardly Davidsons out to Eagle River. We wanted to see how to access the trail that runs along the Glenn Highway from there towards Palmer. There are three ways to access it from the point we first found it. You can ride down a steep hill to it, you can carry your bike down the hill, or you can do what I did which was to ride the first bit, and then fall the rest of the way. Apparently, even though padded bike shorts look really stylish, they can get caught on the bike seat and cause you to lose your balance. I wasn't hurt, although my dignity was sort of injured, or at least as much dignity as I had in the first place while wearing padded spandex shorts. Luckily, we found, there is a way to the trail that doesn't involve those kind of antics, or any kind of antics really.
This afternoon, Karen was reading an article in one of her nursing magazines about pain. Her pain doctor has begun to suspect that she's using her meds for other than pain management. The article said that doctors and nurses were just awful at guessing how much pain their patients were in. The article gave a long list of signs that patients might be abusing their drugs. Karen has not done any of them. Everything, every thing, about her health care is just so infuriating.

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