Monday, June 09, 2008

These Items Just Would Not Turn Into a Post

Yesterday, Rich and I went for a 30 mile bike ride to prepare for our Century on August 9th. We rode 1400 feet up DeArmoun Rd. We saw a couple of moose. They'd had a better idea on how to get to the top; be born there. I just bet that if I was a pastor given that kind of a lead-in, I could turn it into a sermon, but in this case, I was more like a congregant, since right after typing that, I fell asleep. Oh, I don't think I told you, but last week on the TDC, we saw a cow moose that was laying next to her new-born calf. By the way, don't bother telling me the cow was lying next to her calf. I've listened to the Grammar Girl episode about lay/lie and it makes no sense. I don't play favorites I just use whichever one is closest.
Did Rush Limbaugh, really say that decorated war hero, John McCain, isn't a man? What a jerk; what a drug abusing, draft dodging jerk.
I was just checking a site in Cambridge, MA that gives the rules for outlining to see if I had to come up with a third item, or if I could just let this sad little post go. People from all over the world have accessed the site. They have little flags representing each country, including someone from Red Sox Nation.


  1. Oh my. For some reason when I try and think of the Red Sox Nation, I see an army of soldiers in their dusty jump suits and cleats with a baseball bat on their left arm.

    This is Emi by the way, that girl on Princeton who always has her nose in a book, stopping by to say hello; you're the funniest postman (or is it postperson?) I know.

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  3. Apparently you've seen their recruiting poster.