Monday, January 07, 2008

Whale Ho (Ho Ho)

Sarah and Sean went back to Boston late Saturday night, and today I went back to work. It was kind of chilly today and I dressed accordingly. Accordingly, but not appropriately as it turned out. I was so warm.
Certain whales eat intensively in the high latitudes; in fact, they can eat up to 4% of their body weight per day. They swim through the ocean with their mouths open and basically eat anything that comes by. They put on a layer of blubber, and are impervious to the cold water around them. While Sarah and Sean were here in the high latitudes, I completely adopted this approach to feeding. Another thing I had in common with whales today: we can't wear belts for a few days after our intensive feeding.
Okay, I put on some weight over Christmas. Lack of exercise may have compounded the problem. I only put on pants to leave the house, and I only left the house if there was a restaurant on our itinerary. Sean can be forgiven if he thinks I made up the whole, "I'm a bicyclist," thing. It's true that there are a pair of bicycles hanging on the wall of my garage, but there's a pair of longhorns hanging on the opposite wall, and I didn't ride a steer while he was here either.
Oh, here's another natural history tidbit. Apparently primates get better at certain tasks with practice, but only up to a point. After that, it appears that an element of improvisation takes over. This explains why after practicing last night and this evening, I was able to increase my Wii age score from 68 to 78.

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