Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Gens X-Next, I Feel Your Pain

We're coddling our cat since he was only given two months to live. But that was four months ago and even though we are spending a (relative) fortune to get him the best tasting food, he's in here right now eating my lunch and grumbling that I'm not getting it to him fast enough.

Pharmacy Benefit Manager Update:
We've placed our first order with Caremark's replacement, Medco. Medco just called with a prerecorded sincere apology for the delay in processing from their manager of customer relations, HAL.


  1. Have you asked Sarah and Leah if they want the "relative" fortune spent on Al? I bet they'd say YES!

  2. I haven't asked Sarah, but Leah thinks we're not spending nearly enough. She's been bringing home designer cat food.
    I told a man with a very old dog (he was getting dog medicine by mail) about our cat eating salmon and shrimp. He said that when he got liver cancer he was going to come live with us. I told him, "Fine, if you to eat high end cat food."