Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I'm No Captain Kirk

Well, maybe I am. Do you remember Starfleet's Prime Directive? Apparently, neither did Captain Kirk who was constantly interfering (and getting dates) in pre-warp civilizations.
The mandate of this blog is to report on things that irritate and amuse me, and yet, here I am, not particularly amused, but posting anyway.
Back in October, when Karen broke her arm, her doctor suggested a temporary external pump be installed quickly to avoid CRPS developing at the injury site. A month ago, they finally scheduled it for yesterday. On Monday, I found out at 4:30 that at 4:30 we had to be at a pharmacy for training on the pump operation. They had a month to tell us about it, and I found out with exactly no notice? It's as if the airlines are doing their scheduling.
So, anyway; the pump's in, she feels better, but still.

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