Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Beauty of a Shipwreck is That All the Wet Stuff Just Disappears on Its Own

Last night we just potchkied around in the basement apartment sort of wringing our hands, when we should have been wringing our carpet. This morning I had the idea to go out to the garage and get the Shop-Vac and suck up all the water, but then after looking at the sodden mess again, I thought maybe we should just tear it up and throw it away. The carpet's 11 years old and it's not going to be free to have it taken up, new pad put down, and reinstalled. So, that's what we're doing. I've dragged out the wettest of it, and I'm letting the concrete dry there, so I can move stuff onto the dry patches and take up more carpet. Sort of like one of those sliding number puzzles,
if you used wet furniture and other hoarder's flotsam instead of plastic numbers. And a lot less satisfaction when you're done.

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