Monday, January 14, 2008

T-t-t-talking About My Generation, and Yours

Man, I had high hopes that I'd have a clever, insightful post today, but it's just one more disappointment. I talked to a young woman graduating from Tufts this spring, and she had impressed me with the power of groupthink, since the main reason she's supporting Hilary Clinton seems to be that they're both members of the same group; women. It's possible I just didn't understand her; she's won debate awards and studied Islamic Feminism in Barcelona, which I would have thought of as an oxymoron, but has its own Wikipedia entry. Still, I think what I think. Sadly, my blog's rejoinder is pretty much "Groupthink b-a-a-a-d"
I was also going to be "T-t-t-talking 'bout my generation" and the looming entitlement meltdown, we're in the process of preheating.
But mostly I was thinking, Am I frozen yet?"

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