Friday, January 04, 2008

The Over-Under Tour

Sarah's friend Sean arrived on Saturday. A couple days ago, just before sunrise we stood on the observation platform near the Glen Alps trailhead and Sean photographed Mt Susitna, and a mountain I've decided to call Mt. Redoubt. It was a somewhat cloudy morning, but beautiful, as the sky lightened and the mountains turned orange, first at their peaks and then all the way down. I might have included a link to some of Sean's pictures, but he uses film. I've included a link there for our younger readers.
Yesterday the plan was to drive through the longest highway tunnel in North America to the lovely little town of Whittier. We turned onto the Portage Glacier/Whittier Tunnel road and saw two dead moose laying beside the road. Sean and Leah had never seen dead moose before. Sean has still never seen Whittier, either, because when we got to the tunnel, the tollbooth lady said the tunnel would be closed for an hour and forty minutes for maintenance, and further, when it opened Whittier was closed. At least, the businesses in Whittier were pretty much all closed for the winter. We turned around and headed back to the Seward Highway and across it to the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. There we saw bears, eagles, elk, deer, caribou and bison, and the circle of life in action. Our dead moose, killed by a train, were being prepared as bear food.
From there we went to Seward and the Sea Life Center.
On the way home we stopped at the Double Musky and had dinner. Sean and I had the Pepper Steak, called the country's best steak by Jill Cordes of the Food Network. I'd include that link, if the Food Network's site wasn't so lame. An easily frustrated person that's off his diet might just be driven right into the kitchen. This is a waffle from my the waffle iron my sister gave me for my birthday. Mmm, I'm may to have to cut this short (ha, just kidding, it's too late for that) to go eat breakfast, but I did want to say, the steaks at the Double Musky are huge. Leah said that we each had half a cow, but I don't think they're that big, unless maybe a Cornish Game cow.


  1. It's very Dad-ish of you to refer to refer to him as Sarah's "friend."

    My previous boyfriend didn't even get a name as far as my Dad was concerned. He was generally referred to as "you-know, what's-his-name" if Dad was forced to bring him up at all. Luckily Matt has fared a little bit better.

  2. Okay, but, at least I didn't ask him if his intentions were honorable.