Wednesday, January 16, 2008

SCORE One For The Old Guys

I guess SCORE has its place (510 L St) in keeping old executives busy and out of their spouses' way, but as for me, I really appreciate retired guys with snow blowers. It's been on the cold side of normal and we've had 18 inches of snow in the last couple of weeks. Having old men (mostly, but not exclusively) making little habitrails through the neighborhood, is a community service right up there with voting. Actually, based on the people we've been electing, blowing snow is much more valuable than blowing your vote.

I understand the impulse, too. When I got home I was disappointed to see that most of my neighbors had already cleared their sidewalks. I did ours and the next door neighbors on both sides, and then I had to come in. Ideally, you'd get a snowblower with GPS and just follow that pillar of snow into the wilderness

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