Monday, November 12, 2007

Vroom, Vroom

I've been embarrassed to tell you that after our light dusting of snow in October, which melted, we have been snow free until this weekend. Yesterday we set a record for snowfall on the 11th of November, but it was a sad little 5 inch record, although we did set a much more impressive record for the number of car accidents in a day. I believe that road maintenance should not be a faith based initiative; we shouldn't just hope that snow melts.

Yesterday I downloaded a Harley logo and altered it to look like this for the Hardly Davidsons. It's not anything much, and it may be illegal. Because it's pretty lo-res, if we did use it, it would have to be pretty small which is probably a good idea; we wouldn't want to offend another team like the Heck's Angels.

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