Tuesday, November 27, 2007

At First I Thought I'd Have a Stinky Post Today, Now I'm Pretty Sure

I thought I'd be stuck commenting on another triumph of style over substance today. Someone wrote "Don't Trash Alaska" on pieces of copier paper and stuck it up near the elementary school. And now they're blowing down the street.
I wasn't very impressed with that observation though. It seemed just a little too obvious. Then I had what I thought was a clever idea for a one-liner, but I forgot it by the time I finished my route.
I thought I might tell you how ironic it was that Paul Harvey was suggesting shooting hijackers in my last post since he once stole an airplane himself, but I couldn't find any reference to that, so I'm not sure it's even true, although this is the internet, so I'm not sure that matters anyway. In researching the stolen plane story, though I came across this Paul Harvey quote:
"I can't look down on the commercial sponsors of these broadcasts," he explained to CBS interviewer and fellow Chicago broadcaster Bob Sirott in 1988. "Too often they have very, very important messages to put across. Without advertising in this country, my goodness, we'd still be in this country what Russia mostly still is: a nation of bearded bicyclists with b.o."

It's like I have a twin.

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