Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I Heard Two Things Recently

I was watching TV (big surprise) and a priest on a police procedural told a man, "God's inside all of us," That's what liberal Hollywood thinks, but is so the opposite of Christianity. Hey, if Christians believed we're all one big happy family, can't we all get along, people'd love us. No you're a wretched sinner, get over yourself, loser. That may not be exactly what Calvin said, in the Institutes of the Christian Religion. but, hey, haven't you ever heard of paraphrasing?
That's one thing I was holding back in case I needed a post. Here's another little thing that happened a few weeks ago; I was coming out of the restroom at Kinko's and an employee was going in. I said, "Hey, you're out of soap in there," he said, "Yeah, I noticed that this morning,"

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