Thursday, November 15, 2007

Consider the Ant, or If the Ant's Busy, Consider the Cockroach

I went back to work today after 4 days off. I got much less accomplished than I expected. I did manage to clear out some of our Netflix backlog, and read a Scientific American. They report that Vitamin D not only makes for strong bones, but prevents cancer and brightens moods. Also they investigated the lifestyles of cockroaches that have had their heads cut off. Researchers (at the Mengele institute, no doubt) report that as long as some predator doesn't eat them, they'll just stay quiet and sit around.
It's like I've got a twin.

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  1. Funny you should bring it up. This is the only house I've ever been in that has a cockroach problem. Now, my cats are getting pretty good at immobilizing the little buggers, but they they leave little roach carcasses all over the floor. Today I waited for SIX HOURS for one to stop waggling. I kept going towards it with the dustpan, thinking, surely, finally it's expired! And as approached, every single time, it waggled its antennae at me. I didn't want to go near him while he could still strike, never mind that he had three legs to his name. But I finally gave up on waiting him out, scooped him up (still waggling!) and threw him out. He's probably in the garbage right now, waggling away.