Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Never Again. And Again.

The other day, I meant to take a break from feeling sorry for myself, or at least from blogging about it. Though it's a hard habit to break, I'm going to try for at least this one post.
On Friday night, Karen and I went to hear Adrian Hong from Liberty in North Korea. He gave a woefully under-attended speech at the Anchorage Museum.
The entire nation of North Korea has become a post modern Auschwitz, an absurdist concentration camp. As always, though, others are complicit as well. Because North Korea's neighbors, particularly China, forcefully repatriate refugees in violation of human rights treaties that they have signed, fleeing North Korea often leads either to returning to a death sentence or being sold as slaves in Central Asia.
Now, I know that you never wrote to your congressperson about electronic tax returns (that's okay, I didn't either) but here's a link to a template of a letter that you can send to the Chinese embassy in Washington. The work of Amnesty International shows that attention from the outside world can have a real effect.
Whoa, whoa, come back here. You were about to leave without printing that letter weren't you? You send the letter, and I promise my next post will be just as snarky and self-indulgent as ever.

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