Monday, November 05, 2007

"Everything Empties Into White"

Do you remember in one of the Harry Potter books there was a scene in the room of requirement where it had been used over the centuries as storage for all the worthless things in the castle? Things that were too ugly, or too useless, to ever even have existed in the first place? Things that were bought for craft projects for babies that are now in school, or to cover couches that we haven't owned in years? Okay, fine, I lost the thread of that metaphor somewhere in there, although if you need thread, we have miles of it in our paradoxically named back bedroom (paradoxically named because it's the only bedroom in the front of the house).
The theory in biology that ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny that I was taught in school (by Darwin) has now been discredited, and it apparently has nothing to do with this post, but man, I understand why when my mother left this house for Seattle she wanted nothing but chrome and white, empty space.
Oh, bad news for someone; a particularly hideous object is "for our little girl."

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