Friday, June 29, 2007

The Vital Few; It Doesn't Mean What You Think, Unless You're A Jerk

So, yay, I ordered a new bike. So, boo, they never shipped it, cancelled my order without telling me, ignored two e-mails, then responded to an e-mail on Monday by saying they'd already shipped it even though what they'd already done was cancel the order. I wrote them again this morning wondering why the bike had never arrived and why my credit card had been charged and then credited all in the same day last week. Oh yeah, we did cancel the order, but we appreciate your business. If they had really appreciated my business, we might have done some. As it is, I've sort of lost the mood. I was going to use my current bike as my winter bike; it will be winter again in about 8 weeks; at the present rate of e-mail ignoring and bike not shipping, it won't be here before that anyway. I was probably going to have buyer's remorse. Now I can still be glum, but keep my money. The upside of shopping with the vital few.

At work, our supervisor (who has to use a mohel instead of a barber) told us that our station has improved in several areas. We are no longer the vital few. Well, we still suck at delivering mail, but we are great at following flow charts.

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