Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Harshing My Mellow

Trouble unfolded at Walter Reed when Thigpen, angered by Jackson's jokes, reached for his gun, police said. Another guard tried to restrain Thigpen, but he broke free and started shooting, police said.It was a shame that a minor squabble had turned so violent, Jagdeo said. “The bottom line is we should all start doing yoga.

At work today another mailman came up to me all, "Dude, you won a bike race?" I was like, "No, that's another guy with the same name. He could beat me if he was riding a unicycle."
But then it turned ugly, "Yeah and balancing three Chinese acrobats on his shoulders while they spun plates and balanced eggs on their noses."
Luckily we were postal workers, so no harm done.

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