Sunday, June 17, 2007

This Old House

I spent today, Father's Day, scrambling up and down a ladder over our stairway like an organ grinder's monkey. The walls over the stairs had three layers of wallpaper. Karen wanted to paint them, or more accurately, wanted me to paint them. I peeled off the top layer a couple of weeks ago and primed a little patch. It was clear that the seams would be visible under the paint so we called a wallpaper hanger to hang paintable wallpaper. She told us that before she could hang the new paper, we had to paint primer over the walls so that if they ever got wet, the underlying paper wouldn't bubble up from the wall. Do you see the flaw in this? There will NEVER be a time when the walls get wetter than they got from the paint! This was the day; paint, peel the bubbling wallpaper and repeat.
I am so tired of hiring pranksters.
At that, my day may not have been as upsetting as Ambre's. She's been dating a hot new guy for the last couple of weeks. In the middle of a conversation today he mentioned how busy he'd been this weekend. He not only got baptized as a Seventh Day Adventist, but he'd gotten married as well. Actually, I guess it was more towards the end of the conversation.

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