Tuesday, January 30, 2007

It's Not a Lake of Fire? Get Out of Here. No, Seriously, Get Out of Here.

Sartre said that "Hell is other people.", although he could have broadened it to include their voice mail if he had lived long enough. I spent my lunch break today trying to get our pharmacy benefit manager to go ahead and ship Karen's prescription. They had it, they'd agreed to fill it, but they just couldn't seem to grasp that we wanted them to mail it to us. I also left another message for Karen's Care Coordinator at her pain clinic. After two weeks of leaving messages, we went to their office after I got off today.
By agreeing to switch to another site (and not just any other site, but one that's not a preferred provider) for the actual procedure, we were able to get a different coordinator and the procedure was scheduled on the spot. How infuriating, though, that we've been trying since before Sarah came home at Christmas to get this done.
Anyway, if hell is other people, and everyone is "other" to everybody but themselves, well, just call me Sparky*.

Unless we adopt the solipsist view and there are no other people. Can you imagine what a convention of solipsists would be like? What would they talk about? Really, it might be fun. Maybe next week we could get together in my head.

*Here's a look behind the blogging curtain: I was trying to work "spark", "infer" and "infernal" into one sentence that would be both funny and insightful. The idea was to have been that we all have a little spark of hell inside us, and I was prepared to drop "infer" and "infernal" even though I liked the way they looked next to each other. However, nothing much came, and this is really just a blog, not a novel or the emergency broadcast system so I think good enough will have to do.

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  1. I like thinking about the convention :).