Friday, January 26, 2007

I Jumped Off the Roof

Okay, I started out mad about one thing, and ended up mad about another before I even started typing. How's that for efficiency?
I was going to talk about snow. Snow on the streets, snow on the roof, snow on the deck. I thought it would be fun to start with Bilbo telling Frodo whatever it was he told him about snow in January, but I couldn't find the quote on Amazon, and I couldn't find the book, but then I did find the book, but it wasn't the paperback and I had an ice cream bar in my hand and I didn't want to drip on the nice book, so here we are.

But even if Bilbo wasn't impressed by snow in January (or maybe he was, we can't know for sure without finding the book) we have had a lot of snow in Anchorage. So much that for only the second time since 1959 we shovelled the roof. They were forecasting rain and that could have added literally tons of weight to the tons that were already there. So I shovelled the snow off the roof. And then today I shovelled that snow again, off the deck this time. Onto the sidewalk below the deck. I think Saturday's chore is becoming clear.

In other snow news, the city is slowly digging out. So slowly that they have posted a map showing when they might be hauling snow from each neighborhood. Now it's a race. Will the city haul away the snow before it melts in April?

Oh, by the way, I did jump off the roof. Or step, really onto the snow piled on the deck.

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