Thursday, February 01, 2007

I Don't Mean to Disappoint

I suppose when nice things happen I should go ahead and report them, even if they're not irritating or amusing.
Yesterday Karen got her shipment from Caremark, this morning she had her procedure, and this afternoon I went for a bike ride on the trails. Because we had had so much snow earlier in the year (as I typed that phrase, the mayor came on the news as if he was reading over my shoulder to say, "We've had a lot of snow. Please be patient." I've been patient, no wait, that was someone else, but anyway, on our street, if I think about parking, then someone else has to think about another way to get home) the trails haven't been much fun to ride. I went out to look at them (the trails, I know that recent parenthetical interruption went on and on and on, oops) and lo and behold, they were great. Funnily enough, I saw a moose, but not on the trail, on the way through the neighborhood.
Which sort of reminds me that maybe we sort of suffer from scenery/wildlife overload here. A customer (the same kind lady that tried to help me with my zipper) had a question about her mail recently and as we discussed it, we were standing under a cottonwood tree with two bald eagles in it. Neither of us mentioned them since they're always there.
The Municipality just got a new slogan: Big Wild Life and I guess maybe it's true.

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