Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Pretty Snarky for a Republican

I went to the doctor today. I hadn't planned to, but my GP (the P stands for peripatetic) had moved to a new clinic and I had to be seen in order to get a prescription refilled. While I was sitting in the waiting room (or a la Firesign Theater, waiting in the sitting room) the State of the Union speech began. They immediately changed channels to King of the Hill, so instead of watching the president, we had to watch a clueless Texan whose wife is smarter than he is.

When she took me back, the nurse weighed me. I hadn't weighed on Friday since Wednesday we went to Mumbo Gumbo (where we had so many biscuits that I couldn't finish. Do you know what I'm saying?! I couldn't finish all the biscuits!!). Anyway, she weighed me and I weighed 12 pounds more than I had at home a couple of weeks ago, before the biscuit event. I'm trying to remain calm, though since normally when I weigh, I'm not wearing boots, or a Carhart coat, or a PDA or cell phone or a shirt, well you get the idea. I'm pretty sure that all that stuff must weigh at least 12 pounds, maybe more.

The doctor listened to my heart. What I had felt as palpitations, he said were merely extra beats. I didn't understand why I should have extra beats and if it was a good thing, but he said, "Yeah, your heart's just enthusiastic." Ha, who's depressed now?

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